Бэкбендер Арка

Backbender Arka - это уникальное устройство, предназначенное для всех, кто заботится о гибкости спины, емкости легких и эластичности диафрагмы.
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Backbender Arka is a professional tool for developing back flexibility, increasing lung capacity and diaphragm elasticity. Regular classes on it will improve your results in freediving and yoga.

Arka backbender is also an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis.

The most important advantage of Arka backbenders is their mobility, due to their easy-to-assemble design, and the ability to change settings to increase or decrease the height and degree of deflection.
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Delivery of goods is carried out: in Russia - the company СDEK (estimated cost 350 rubles).
To other countries - by postal service.
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Exercise complex
A set of exercises for the backbender. Developed by the outstanding Russian freediver Andrei Matveenko.
Video instruction for assembling the backbender Arka
Backbender assembly takes no more than one minute
The backbender settings allow you to change the height and geometry of the deflection.
Configuring the backbender Arka
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